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HRB bearing
HRB bearing classification
HRB thrust ball bearing, HRB deep groove ball bearing, HRB self-aligning roller bearing.
HRB thrust ball bearing thrust ball bearing composition:
The thrust ball bearing consists of three parts: seat ring, shaft ring and steel ball cage assembly.
The shaft ring matched with the shaft and the seat ring matched with the shell.
Type of thrust ball bearing:
The receiving force is divided into one-way thrust ball bearing and two-way thrust ball bearing.
One way thrust ball bearing can bear one-way axial load.
Two way thrust ball bearing can bear two-way axial load. Two way thrust ball bearing, in which the ring is matched with the shaft. The bearing with spherical mounting surface of the race has the function of adjusting the center, which can reduce the influence of installation error.
The thrust ball bearing can not bear radial load, and the limit speed is low. The thrust ball bearing is only applicable to the parts with one side axial load and low rotation speed, such as crane hook, instant water pump, instant centrifuge, Jack, low-speed reducer, etc. The shaft ring, seat ring and rolling element of the bearing are separated and can be installed and disassembled separately.
HRB deep groove ball bearing deep groove ball bearing imported bearing is mainly used to bear pure radial load, but also can bear radial load and axial load at the same time. When it only bears radial load, the contact angle is zero. When the deep groove ball bearing has large radial clearance, it has the performance of angular contact bearing and can bear large axial load. The friction coefficient of the deep groove ball bearing is very small, and the limit speed is also very high, especially under the high-speed operation condition with large axial load, the deep groove ball bearing has more advantages than the thrust ball bearing. Deep groove ball bearing is the most representative rolling bearing, which is widely used. It is suitable for high-speed and even extremely high-speed operation, and it is very durable without regular maintenance. This kind of bearing has small friction coefficient, high limit speed, simple structure, low manufacturing cost and high manufacturing accuracy. It is widely used in precision instruments, low noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles, general machinery and other industries. It mainly bears radial load, and also can bear certain axial load. Deep groove ball bearing can be used in gearbox, instrument, motor, household appliance, internal combustion engine, traffic vehicle, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery, etc
When the radial clearance is large, the axial bearing capacity increases, and the contact angle is zero when the radial force is pure. When there is axial force, the contact angle is greater than zero. Generally, stamping wave type cage, vehicle type solid cage and sometimes nylon cage are used.
After the deep groove ball bearing is installed on the shaft, the axial displacement of the shaft or the shell can be limited within the axial clearance range of the bearing, so the axial positioning can be made in both directions. In addition, this kind of bearing also has a certain ability of centering. When it is 2 ′~ 10 ′ inclined to the shell hole, it can still work normally, but has a certain impact on the bearing life. Deep groove ball bearing cages are mostly steel plate stamping wave cages, and large bearings are mostly vehicle made metal solid cages.
HRB self-aligning roller bearing self-aligning roller bearing can bear larger radial load, but also can bear certain axial load. The raceway of the outer ring of this kind of bearing is spherical, so it has the centering performance. When the shaft is bent or tilted so that the relative inclination between the center line of the inner ring and the center line of the outer ring does not exceed 1 ° – 2.5 °, the bearing can still work. There are two kinds of inner bore of self-aligning roller bearing: cylindrical and conical. The taper of the conical bore is 1:12 or 1:30. In order to enhance the lubrication performance of the bearing, the annular oil groove and three evenly distributed oil holes are machined on the outer ring of the bearing. Self aligning roller bearing is suitable for bearing heavy load and impact load. It is widely used in metallurgy, rolling mill, mine, oil, paper, cement, sugar and other industries.